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Estates demolished

Hundreds of London's council and housing association estates are under threat and dozens have already been demolished. See the list below of all those already raised to rubble.

Name Borough Total Homes Landlord Developer ITLA Ballot Status Planning Status
Agar Grove estate Camden 150 Camden Council Camden Council Exempt Approved
Arthur Street estate Bexley 262 Orbit (Housing Association) Wates Exempt Approved
Aspen House (Maitland Park estate) Camden 50 Camden Council Exempt Demolished
Bacton Low-rise estate Camden 100 Camden Council Community Liaison Officers (Camden) Exempt Approved
Barham Park estate Brent 214 Brent Council Demolished
Beech Tree Place Sutton 21 Sutton Council Public Voice Exempt Approved
Bow Bridge estate Tower Hamlets 52 Poplar HARCA Muse Exempt Approved
Connaught estate Greenwich 338 Greenwich Council Demolished
Elmington estate Southwark 519 Southwark Council Demolished
Excalibur estate Lewisham 189 Lewisham Council Demolished
Ferrier estate Greenwich 1900 Greenwich Council Demolished
Goresbrook Village estate Barking and dagenham 282 Barking and Dagenham Council Demolished
Heygate estate Southwark 1212 Southwark Council Demolished
Hylands Road estate Waltham Forest 50 Waltham Forest Council Exempt Demolished
Kender estate Lewisham 150 Lewisham Council Demolished
Kings Crescent estate Hackney 357 Hackney Council demolished
Lansbury (south) estate Tower Hamlets 169 Poplar HARCA Exempt Approved
Larner Road estate Bexley 622 Bexley Council Exempt Demolished
Leopold estate Tower hamlets 165 Tower Hamlets Demolished
Heathside and Lethbridge estate Lewisham 366 Lewisham Council Demolished
Leys estate Barking & Dagenham 215 Barking & Dagenham Council Exempt Demolished
Loughborough Park estate Lambeth 390 Peabody Demolished
Mardyke estate Barking & Dagenham 547 Barking & Dagenham Council Exempt Demolished
Marian Court estate Hackney 75 Hackney Council Austringer Capital Exempt Demolished
Marlyon Road estate Redbridge 36 Redbridge Council Exempt Approved
Mills Grove & Westhorpe Gdns estate Barnet 102 Metropolitan Housing Association Approved Approved
Morris Walk estate Greenwich 562 Greenwich Council Lovell Exempt Approved
Myatts Fields estate Lambeth 477 Lambeth Council Demolished
New Avenue estate Enfield 171 Enfield Council Countryside Properties PPCR Exempt Approved
North Peckham estate Southwark 3203 Southwark Council Demolished
OCCC estate Lambeth 306 Grainger PLC Grainger Exempt Approved
Ocean estate Tower hamlets 1793 Tower Hamlets Demolished
Pepys estate Lewisham 366 Lewisham Council Demolished
Pike Close estate Bromley 100 Riverside Housing Association Countryside Properties Source Partnership Approved Approved
Rainham Road South estate Barking & Dagenham 24 Barking & Dagenham Council BeFirst Exempt Approved
Ravensbury estate Merton 100 Clarion Group Clarion Exempt Approved
Rectory Park estate Ealing 270 Ealing Council Demolished
Reginald House/Tidemill Gardens Lewisham 16 Lewisham Council Exempt Approved
Robin Hood Gardens estate Tower hamlets 213 Tower Hamlets Demolished
Sherwood Close estate Ealing 209 Ealing Council Clarion Group Exempt Approved
Watling Gardens estate Brent 50 Watling Gardens TMO Richard Carley & Sarah Robbins (Brent) Exempt Approved
Silwood estate Southwark/lewisham 500 Southwark/Lewisham Council Demolished
St John's Hill estate Wandsworth 158 Peabody Exempt Approved
Stonebridge estate Brent 1175 Brent Council Demolished
Stonegrove and Spur Road estate Brent 630 Brent Council Demolished
Sweets Way estate Barnet 150 Notting Hill Genesis Demolished
Thamesmead South (phase 1) Bexley 226 Peabody Peabody Communities First Exempt Approved
Thames View estate Barking & Dagenham 41 Barking & Dagenham Council BeFirst Exempt Approved
Thames View (east) estate Barking and dagenham 288 Barking and Dagenham Council Demolished
Tollgate Gardens estate Westminster 150 Westminster Council Demolished
West Hendon estate Barnet 680 Barnet Council Demolished
Wood Dene estate Southwark 323 Southwark Council Demolished