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Wornington Green estate, Kensington & Chelsea

Circa 150 homes on RBKC's Wornington Green estate remain earmarked for demolition by Catalyst Housing Association

The estate is being replaced by 1,000 new homes.

Catalyst's website describes the replacement social housing as 'affordable rent':

The Mayor approved funding for the scheme in 2017 and exempted it from his requirement to ballot residents on the demolition of their homes.

Natasha Langridge, a temporary resident on the estate, has directed a project recording the oral histories of residents. Here's one of the audio extracts from Keith Stirling - chairman of the Wornington Green Residents Association:

The full documentary is available for viewing online here:

In September 2022, residents on the final remaining phase of the estate complained that they had been living on a building site for more than 10 years.