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West Kentish Town estate, Camden

316 homes are earmarked for demolition on Camden's West Kentish Town estate.

In March 2020, residents on Camden's West Kentish Town estate were balloted on the demolition plans for their homes. Prior to the ballot, residents were told that if they vote against the scheme the their homes wouldn't be brought up to standard for at least another five to ten years:

Unsurprisingly the majority of residents voted in favour.

Planning consent was approved in 2022, to build around 885 new homes over eight phases including at least 276 council homes and 78 homes for Camden Living rent.

In 2023, architect Alice Brown drew up an alternative plan for the regeneration of the estate. Backed by some residents, the plans show how the homes can be retrofitted adding insulation, reconfiguring internal walls and adding balconies to produce a climate impact estimated at six times smaller.