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Westbury estate, Lambeth

In July 2019, the Mayor approved the demolition of 82 homes on Lambeth's Westbury estate, to provide 270 new homes of which just 38% affordable and only 48 social rent.

All low-rise maisonette blocks on the Westbury estate have been earmarked for demolition as part of Lambeth's ongoing estate renewal programme.

The Mayor's report approving the planning permission explains that the scheme couldn't meet his 50% minimum affordable housing requirement because only 38% is viable.

Official statistics from the government's live tables on local authority dwelling stock show that Lambeth has sold or demolished 20,000 council homes in the last 15 years - more than any other London borough.

In November 2019, the Council resolved to commence compulsory purchase order proceedings in order to remove the 34 leaseholders from the maisonette blocks.

The estate was initially awarded grant funding by the Mayor and exempted from his requirement to ballot residents. In September 2020, the Mayor announced that funding had been withdrawn from the scheme, but Lambeth vowed to proceed with demolition regardless using its own funds.

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