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Chaucer Gardens estate, Sutton

Circa 250 homes have been earmarked for potential demolition on Sutton's Chaucer Gardens estate.

The Chaucer estate comprises one 16-storey high-rise block (Chaucer House) surrounded by a dozen 2-4 storey maisonette blocks, situated behind Sutton High Street, near Collingwood park and West Sutton train station.

In 2013, the high-rise block on the estate was clad with a light-blue Aluminium composite material. In 2017, after the investigations following the Grenfell disaster, it was revealed that the cladding had failed safety tests.

In 2018, the Chaucer estate was one of seven estates listed in Sutton's Local Plan (2018) for potential redevelopment:

alt text

It is also earmarked in Sutton's Policy Map as a potential renewal area:

alt text

The nearby Collingwood estate was clad with the same material and also numbers among the five estates earmarked for potential redevelopment.