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Brabazon estate, Hounslow

Circa 300 homes have been earmarked for potential demolition on Hounslow's Brabazon estate.

In January 2020, Hounslow's Cabinet agreed a comprehensive review of its 171 council estates with a view to infill or redevelopment.

In the Cabinet report it was agreed that six estates had already been identified as 'poor performing estates' and that these would be considered for early redevelopment.

The six estates are: the Brabazon estate; the Brookwood estate; Charlton House; the Convent Way estate; the Norman Crescent estate and the Oriel estate.

The Brabazon estate comprises mostly two or three-storey terraced and semi-detached houses and a small community centre. It is located directly adjacent to the Norman Crescent estate to the east and green space to the west. Hounslow West tube station is approximately 10 minutes walk from the estate.

Photo credits: Luka Zumbach